Your current SkyBeam speed
28.8 kbps Dial-up
33.6 kbps Dial-up
56 kbps Dial-up
75 kbps The SkyBeam (Starter Plan)
150 kbps The SkyBeam (Basic Plan)
300 kbps The SkyBeam (Standard)
500 kbps The SkyBeam (Advanced)
1000 kbps The SkyBeam (Super Plan)
1400 kbps The SkyBeam (Ultra Plan)
161319.4 kbps YOU
TheSkyBeam offers six speeds for your surfing pleasure.   Click here to learn more.


If you are not a SkyBeam wireless customer, this test is less meaningful, as it tests the entire Internet path from your computer through your ISP and all the many links between you and the SkyBeam's servers. Like a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link   -   Your numbers in this test will only show the slowest link in your path to our servers. For dial-up Internet users the slowest link is usually your phone lines. A slower than expected showing here, if you are a DSL subscriber or other high-bandwidth user, may indicate a problem with your equipment or that of your ISP.

Some browsers and high-speed Internet connections, such as satellite, almost always confuse the first test, and it reports an artificially high first reading. We recommend that all high-speed Internet users click the "Retest" above, and do at least one extra test. The second test will be a better indication of your true speed to our servers.   (Do NOT hit your back button, or erroneous readings will result.)

For our SkyBeam customers: This page displays your actual wireless speed from your computer, through our microwave-links to our servers.

Traffic spikes, lasting but a few seconds, can adversely affect individual speed tests. For the best results, we suggest you perform three to five tests over a five to ten minute period, and discard the one fastest and one slowest reading, then average the remaining tests. This will insure your readings accurately reflect your true speed through our system.

From time-to-time some web pages will seem to be very slow, but when you run this test it indicates that you are accessing our servers at your normal rate. This in NOT a problem with any SkyBeam equipment, but is due to heavy nationwide Internet traffic, or other technical problems out of our control. Some web sites are perpetually slow due to the site's owners opting for low-cost servers and/or a lesser quality Internet feed.

Please remember that our wireless network is a Line-of-Sight system. That means that you must have a reasonably clear and unobstructed view of our site from your antenna. Trees and other tall vegetation can block or limit the signal to your computer. Transient events like a large vehicle parked in such a way as to block the path, or reflect our signal, can also upset the signal. These are usually transitory events and your connection speed should come back to normal within a few minutes.

Rain does not affect our signal!
Unlike satellite TV which can be blocked by a heavy rain storm, the most extreme downpours won't slow The SkyBeam signal at all.

When we installed your equipment we insured that there was a clear and unobstructed path to our transmitters, and it appeared to us that it would remain clear for some reasonable period of time. But as time goes on trees grow taller, and inconsiderate neighbors may build tall structures. We recommend that you keep an eye on your trees and neighbors, and trim both if necessary. :-)