Spam Bots

Many computer Viruses, Trojans, Worms, and other Malware are designed to steel your passwords and other information, or do intentional damage to the infected computer. Other of these nasty little infections, called Spam-Bots, use the infected computer to send Spam, and/or copies of itself to other computers. Just one infected computer can send over 30,000 Spam messages each day.

What does this do or mean to the infected computer?   Not much!   The user of a Spam-Bot infected computer usually is not even aware that they are infected. Other than a slowing of their computer and Internet connection. Many times an infected computer may not display any symptoms whatsoever, so the user has no idea that they have an infection.
What does this do to The SkyBeam and ALL of our other customers?   A Lot!   Most ISP's like AOL, Comcast, MSN, and nearly all others can and do block emails from ISPs that send Spam.
When an ISP, like the above, receives thousands of Spam messages from a given ISP, such as The SkyBeam, it will automatically block ALL email from that ISP. That includes any and all innocent emails from all the customers of that ISP. This blockage may be imposed for from 24-hours to over a week, after the last Spam was received. When anyone, on our service, sends an email to it will be blocked, and usually the sender will receive a little “nasty-gram” from that ISP, indicating that their email could not be delivered do to Spaming from The SkyBeam.

Recently two of our customers were infected with a Spam-Bot that sent tens-of-thousands of emails to customers of Comcast and MSN. Comcast and MSN then blocked ALL email from EVERY SkyBeam customer. This of course caused email sent to folks at these two ISPs, from our non-infected customers to bounce.

With hundreds of customers, The SkyBeam sees at least one of our customers infected with a Spam-Bot every week or two. As we grow and add more customers, this has become more and more prevalent. This causes us, and many of our un-infected customers, much grief.

There is simply no way to insure that each and every customer is completely free of Spam-Bots at all times. Therefore the only way we can fight the Spam-Bot monster is the use of special detection software, in our system, to try and spot infected computers.

Please note: The SkyBeam never reads your email. Our software simply looks for email patterns that may indicate Spam-Bot activity from a particular computer.

What You Can Do To Help

1. Keep your Anti-Virus software up to date. (See: Members Only for two very good Anti-Virus products.)

2. Check often and do all of the Microsoft recommended updates. (See: Microsoft Updates.)

3. Try one or more of the following Anti-Spyware/Anti-Bot tools:

  • Free Virus Checker
  • Adaware SE
  • Spybot - Search and Destroy
  • Spyware Removal
  • Even with the best Anti-Virus software and all of the Microsoft upgrades, some newer Spam-Bots may still get into your computer. If we detect that a given customer is infected, we will immediately halt their Internet service until the infection has been cleared by the customer. We will attempt to contact the customer by telephone, about the problem.
    Special Notice
    Obviously if we've turned off your Internet connection after you have been infected, you will not be able to download any of the above tools.

    Please consider doing the above NOW, before you have been infected or turned off!
    Remember: If you have more than one computer, you MUST do all the above on each machine.